Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Friends!

Dear Books,

I enjoyed my visit with you today tremendously. And to see all of you again at the bookstore--so many in one place! I had forgotten how much I feel myself when I am in your refreshing and comforting presence. Forgive me for neglecting our friendship for so long. I have missed to smell your pages, touch your illustrations, giggle and sigh with your turning moods. It is amazing and touching to me to see your authors' gem of creativity--the different ideas, as different as their personalities!--finally crowned on the shelf for me, and all other readers, to enjoy.

Nothing shall replace you!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Zen Power of the Wide-Angle Lens

Today, my dear Levi and I had this intelligent and enlightening conversation at a Quizno's as we discussed our meal options.

LEVI: Hey! Instead of getting two sandwiches, do you want to just get one big one?

ME: Oh! Sure.

LEVI: Ooh! (pointing to photograph of large, delectable sandwich) That looks really good.

ME: (noticing how wide and long aforementioned sandwich is as it scales boldly out of its wrapper, dreaming of pleasant toasty fullness) Yeah. Ok, let's get that one.

LEVI: (to Quizno's employee) Ok, we're gonna get a Torpedo.


LEVI: Uhh, an Italian, please.

(Quizno's employee gently and unassumingly extracts a piece of bread that would be frightened of a hot dog bun and begins to put the ingredients of an Italian sandwich on it).

ME'S THOUGHTS: Oh my gosh! That cute little thing wants to be a sandwich when it grows up! We have been deceived!!

(Levi and Emily share a stricken glance)

LEVI: Um, do you want to get two?

ME: Um...yeah. Oh yeah.