Saturday, November 20, 2010


Not surprisingly, I'm a person who is easily fascinated. The world is always showing off new stuff to me that leaves me totally in awe.

Unlike many of my other characteristics, I think this one is something everyone should have a share of in their lives. I mean, I can barely turn my head before I find something new to dazzle me.

For example--

That lumpy mass of tissue in your skull is sending electrical signals across synapses to different lumps of tissue and causing you to comprehend what you're reading, and have conscious thoughts about it. Consciousness is being regulated by chemicals and electrical signals.

Men can sprout hair from their faces.

There is a common domesticated animal that you probably refer to as a cat, or a kitty. However, it is also known as a gato, a katze, a kotka, a kočka, a kat (in two languages), a pusa, a kissa, a γάτα, a macksa, a köttur...
A القط
A кошка

...and the list goes on. (Bless you, Google Translate).

Humanity has changed so little that there are books written up to 2,000 years ago and more that still touch our hearts.

I've been given ways to interact with my world. I can touch it and smell it. I can hear the sounds it makes.

To express that something is amusing, people open their mouths and say "Ha" in consecutive sequences until they are not amused any more.

There are people that understand math so well, they can teach it to other people.

Adults with masters' degrees can be dense and foolish and out of touch with the world, but a child can bear the wisdom of God in their mouths without even realizing what they've done.

Children are entertained by colorful drawings moving across a television screen (especially if they have high-pitched voices).

Women are entertained by hanging shiny pieces of metal from their earlobes.

People take wild shrubbery from their yards or local hardware stores, put them inside containers, and place them inside their houses so that they can be observed by the people living there. No wonder the houseplants are plotting against us.

Anyway...the world is awesome!

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  1. I like it!

    People also take tropical plants and trees into the desert and are so suprised when they die once they get planted! Kills me everytime!