Friday, April 30, 2010

"Meaningless! Meaningless! Everything is meaningless..."

I have a Twitter account and watch the news sometimes, so I consider myself moderately up-to-date on what is captivating and beguiling my fickle generation. The teenage girl who regards her iPad with greater zeal than the man in the pulpit, the self-absorbed kindergartener that colors during praise and worship, and the baby that will be encouraged their entire life to "see the world and make their own decision about religion" are the men and women who will be running the country and ultimately deciding the spiritual atmosphere of our nation.

For those of you who felt a swell of indignation towards these inattentive little devils, here's my question: can you blame them?

Church is flipping boring!

God is incredibly exciting.

We have given our kids two bored with religion or give yourself to the shifting, vaporous, but brightly colored(!) secular world.

Here's my second question: did Jesse McCartney die or is he just not Justin Bieber? Did Rick Springfield fall into a wood chipper or is he just not Jesse McCartney? (Come to think of it, he was into Jessie's Girl. That will be very funny for a few elite.)

The more I think about it, the more I want dip my head in a vat of boiling acid. Listen to me, you people on the earth: you want--you need--to feel something. The Church has betrayed you so deeply for not offering you what would truly unlock your heart.

So what's going to set off the spark in your soul? God. The real God who doesn't care much about what chair, church, body, or country you're in, but cares alot about what you give your attention to.

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