Sunday, March 21, 2010

When Cerebrums Attack

I have been watching too many movies lately about the destruction of Earth and the annihiliation of the human race (Book of Eli, Knowing, 2012, Terminator Salvation, to name a few). As diverting as this subject may be, I find it somewhat distasteful to try to depict billions of people dying,all the while attempting to be entertaining. Interesting take on this disaster trend here:

As far as the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world in the year 2012, all I will say is this: for the Mayans, the world did end. Just...way before they thought.

I did something funny with one of my friends last week. His name is Luke (he's Levi's brother), and in my opinion, we foster a healthy amount of competition between us. (All in good fun. That little dweeb). I was at his house and he had a class he and his brother had to drive to and were scrambling to get ready for, all the while trying to finish homework for aforementioned class.

I was amused because they were still sitting in their computer room 5 minutes til.

The college is about a mile from their house, barricaded by two streetlights that stay red longer than the guitar solo in "Free Bird." So...the tiny mice in my head began to run more rapidly on their tiny treadmills. Here's the thing--their mom makes a macaroni and cheese recipe that makes the heavens open and angels come down and do the cha-cha on my tongue.

I bet Luke a Tupperware basin of macaroni and cheese that he would be late for his class. However, if he won the bet and made it to class before the lecture began, he would get all the pennies in my room.

Luke has second-child syndrome. When challenged in any degree, whether it be chugging, math, poetry, music, spitting, or freestyle nunchaku, there is a latent beast that roars inside him to win. I should have realized that I was challenging the speed of a young man who can run 13 miles and carries buckets of rocks on his head for fun.

He won the bet. A whole $1.12.

Excuse me while I stifle a giggle.

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  1. About Luke, I always wondered where he gets it from. As his sister I know where some of his competitive drive comes from (Mom!), but Levi isn't like that at all...As for the crazy ideas he gets all I have come up with is; I wonder at the character strength of my dad's mom!! You should hear some of his childhood stories...but I bet you already have...